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“Don’t miss the premiere of The Funkles:  Starting this Friday.”  The ad for the movie

popped up as Francis browsed the net on his shift at the candy store.  He needed no

reminders.  For Francis was a huge animation buff and made it a priority to see every animated

movie he could.  Luckily for him, this one was getting great reviews.  Before his

shift was over, he headed into the back and grabbed some inventory so that he wouldn’t

need to buy any of the overpriced candy.  He came across a package of candies he never heard of

before.  They were called Mega Bellies and they were made in Korea.  He went to his boss

and made sure it was ok for him to take them.  “Sure, I don’t see the harm in it.  Have

fun.”  Was all he got.

Once he got to the theater, he felt a bit hungry.  He opened the box of Mega Bellies and

took one of the pieces out.  What was odd about the candy was the shape.  The candy

resembled a caricature of a fat woman with huge breasts.  Not questioning why a candy company

would make such a candy that no doubt kids could buy, he popped the small treat into his

mouth and started to chew.  At first it had a chewable, powdery feel to it.  As he chewed

however, the broken pieces melded together into a gum-like texture.  The fruity flavor made

him smile a bit.  Rather than going through the whole box, he decided to wait until the actual

movie started.  Soon enough, the line started to move.  He paid for his ticket and headed

inside.  The theater itself wasn't very big.  It was an older theater which had been

around for decades. .  

Francis had been going to this theater for years.  One spot in the whole place that was

undoubtedly his, a perfect seat right in the middle of the middle row.  Not only was the view

great.  But it was an even distance between both speakers, meaning that he could hear

everything the way it was intended to.

Before anyone else was in the theater, Francis got to his special spot.  While

sitting, he took another piece of Mega Belly and took a bite.  This piece had a more blueberry

taste to it.   He figured that since he was already in the theater, he could now have more of

them.  The box was big enough that he would still have plenty well into the movie.  They

were so good that he didn’t notice his jacket and pants feeling a bit tight.  At first he

brushed it off, but after a while he could feel his pants digging into him.  It was then he

decided to head to the restroom to see what the matter was.  There were still ten minutes

before the movie started, so he would be fine.              

Once he got to the bathroom.  Francis was able to get a better view of what was going on,

 and what he saw shocked him.  He was actually gaining weight right before his eyes.

 His belly poked out of his shirt, his chest looked puffier, and his legs felt thicker.

 What was even stranger

was that his face looked a little off too.  Looking a lot smoother and rounder then he

remembered, even his hair looked a bit darker than it’s usual light brown shade.  Unbuckling

his belt, he let his growing gut drop as it jiggled a bit.

Assuming that perhaps the candies had something to do with it, Francis popped another

one in his mouth and watched in amazement as he grew even fatter.  His breasts looked like
female breasts within the C-cup range, while his hips started to widen

as they were cushioned with fat as well.  At the same time, his shirt was rising even

further as his growing belly dropped near his thighs.  But strangest of all was that his

face started to look less like his own, and more like that of a female version of himself.

 Poking his belly a bit, Francis was just trying to get the last bit of shock out of himself.

What Francis did next even he wasn't sure why he did, looking down at his new

paunch, and looking back at the candies in his hand.  He decided to do what his growing gut

instinct told him to do.  Taking the two candies that were in his hand, Francis popped both

into his mouth and awaited the changes in a similar manner to the fans outside of the theater were

awaiting The Funkles.  Feeling a gurgle within his gut, his body started to balloon with fat.

 The once slight paunch was now dropping and bulging faster.  His belly button looked

even deeper.   Behind him his pants felt a bit tight as his legs and ass started to puff out

like a slow motion airbag.  Looking at his face, he saw that on top of looking even more like

a girl, he was also starting to look more like an Asian girl.  While beautiful brown almond

eyes, and more delicate facial features, the added chubbiness only added to the cuteness.  And

that’s when he

finally noticed that his manhood was feeling absent.  Reaching down past his new belly, his

concern was confirmed as he couldn’t no longer feel his manhood. What he felt instead was a

smooth slit.

Taking another look at himself, Francis concluded that he might as well see where this

would all go and popped three more Mega Bellies into her mouth.  Like dough

rising out of a tube, every part of Francis was bulging and growing with white, creamy fat.  

The bottom of her pants were rising due to her newly formed cankles.  

With even fatter thighs forming on top, even her shoes cramped up due to

chubby feet.  Perhaps it was a side effect of the candy, but Francis was actually quite excited

about the transformation.  She grabbed her growing belly and gave it a shake.  It

jiggled, which made her giggle.  In the mirror she saw a ever expanding face with puffy cheeks,

and a bulbous double chin.

By the time she was nearing the transformation’s end she looked herself over in the

mirror one more time.  Smiling at the chunky ball of cute she had become, pinching her slightly

dropping arms, she pinched them to see just how thick they were.  She also gave her enormous

ass a good shake.  It jiggled and wiggled like mad.  It was still a little hard to believe that where

once a slim, white man stood, an obese Korean woman now stood instead.  Maybe it was

temporary; maybe it was permanent.  This question didn’t matter nearly as much as it did that

she was missing out on the movie.

Carrying what little bits were left of her clothes, Francis waddled out of the men’s

bathroom, much to many a stare.  And made her way back to the theater, she immediately found

her favorite seat and attempted to sit back down.  Only to notice that her newly enlarged bum

and legs would make sitting more difficult, squashing and moving herself back and forth, she

tried her best to get into a comfortable position.  Once she was in she realized that her love

handles were oozing out of the sides of the armrests.  Brushing her hair back a bit she pouted,

annoyed that the best seat in the house was no longer the most comfortable.      
Mega Bellies
TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY NO WAY!  This is a short story I worked on in order to help me with my overall writing ability.  Plus it's always a way of showing that I'm capable of writing about subjects aside from weight gain.  

Contains gender, race transformation and weight gain.  Please let me know what you think. 
Walking through Scuttletown’s market place was always a delight to Shantae.  She   always wanted to see if any bizarre products were for sale.  While walking down the side streets.  She saw what appeared to be her friend’s Sky and Bolo.  The two seemed to already have a table and had some appetizers already ordered.  Sky’s pet bird Wrench was next her eating some seeds.  Shantae quickly ran over and sat next to them.

“Hey guys.  Sorry for the delay.  Had to deal with pirate girl again.”  

“Ah it’s no problem.  We weren’t even here that long honestly.”  Sky smiled.

Food could have gotten cold though.  Bolo thought as he took a bite of some chips.

“Man I’m starving.  What did you guys order?”  Shantae’s mouth was watering slightly.  Sky noticed but didn’t think much of it.

“Well we didn’t actually order any food yet.  We just got some chips while waiting for you.  But now that you’re here, we can finally order.”  A waitress came over and took everyone’s order.  Bolo and Sky ordered some light meals.

“Well that’s good because I’m super starving.”  Shantae said with a smile as she looked over the menu.  A portly waitress walked over and took her order.  “Hmm, I think I’ll have two of these, and three of those.  Oh, and the extra large version of that.”  Sky and Bolo raised a brow at Shantae’s order.

“You feeling alright today Shantae?  That seems like quite alot.  I hope you don’t expect me to pay for all this.”

“Nah don’t worry.  I can handle it.”

“That wasn't the question.” Momentarily, Shantae’s order was brought out.  it took about three waiters to bring everything to her.  

“Aw man this looks so good.”  Shantae started off with some burgers.  The burgers were quite large and loaded with grease.  A bit of it dripped off her fingers as she slowly took bite after bite.  She would also take an occasional fry in between bites.  It was a bit odd to her, but all of the food was just really good this day.  Her friends looked onward in confusion.  

“So is this part of some kind of ancient Genie ritual or something?  I’ve never seen you eat so much before.”

“Half genie remember.  And nah, I’m just a bit hungry today.” Shantae said in between bites.

“I think bit is sort of an understatement in this case don’t you think?”

She’s not getting any of my apps. Thought Bolo as the genie girl continued to gorge.  A slight bit of pudge was starting to form near her belly.  Her pants also started to feel slightly tighter.  For a brief moment Shantae was in her own food filled world.  She didn’t care that everyone around her was staring.  Bit of food were starting to get stuck to her face.  

“You ah...wanna slow it down a bit there Shantae?”  Asked Sky.

“Huh?  Why though?  Everything is so good today.”

“Yeah but..everyone is staring at us.”  Shantae scanned the area with one eye.  Confirming Sky’s statement, Shantae lowered the huge stack of fries in her hands and blushed a bit.  

“Guess I went a little overboard huh?  Oh man I look like such a pig.”  She covered her face as Sky gave her a reassuring hug.  

“Hey it’s alright.  We all get a little too hungry once in a while.  Why don’t you go rest a bit.  Maybe the three of us can do something later on.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.  You guys can have the rest of my stuff if you want.  I’ll pay for it all.”

“Hey, free food is free food.  Don’t worry about it Shantae.  Everyone will forget about this with the next Ammo Barron attack.”  Bolo chuckled.  Shante took both Sky and Bolo and gave them a huge hug.  

“Thanks guys.  I’ll catch up with you guys later.”  Shante started to head towards her shack.  On the way home she decided to stop by her uncle Mimic’s lab to see what he was up to.  The walk towards his lab was a slightly exhausting one.  Not only was she already getting a stomach ache from her binge.  But on top of that she was still hungry.  “I don’t understand.  I just ate all that food and I still want more.”  She eventually came to the familiar sight of Mimic’s lab.  INside she saw her uncle screwing in some nuts on an odd looking machine.

“Hey there uncle Mimic.”  Mimi quickly got up, while also baning his head against a table.  

“Ouch, why was that there?  Oh, hello there Shantae.  What brings you here?”  Mimi smiled as he brushed himself off.

“Nothing too much.  Just got back from lunch with Sky and Bolo.  I’m gonna head back home and get some rest.  What are you working on exactly?”  

“Oh nothing too fancy.  Just fixing this engine I’ve been tinkering with for some time now.  Perhaps there’s something you can help me with.”

“You name it and I can do it.”  

“Ah it’s nothing too strenuous.  I just need help lifting this box over here.”  Shantae walked over to where Mimic was and got on the other end.  The box was a good foot taller than Shatae.  Upon reaching down to pick it up.  She didn’t expect the box to be so heavy.  “Ugh, what’s in this thing?”

“Ah just a bathtube someone wanted me to fix.  I need to carry it to the post office.  Just help me get it onto my cart.”  The two slowly started to shuffle towards the box.  Shantae dealt with this sort of thing before, but never was it with an object so heavy.  As they got to a little under five steps away from the cart.  A loud bang could be heard as a familiar pirate ship crashed through Mimic’s wall.  Sure enough, Captain Risky Boots was once again making her presence.  Looking towards her, Shantae’s eye’s widened.

“What the hell?  She got even fatter?  But I only just saw her a few hours ago.”  Indeed, her rival was now looking fatter than before.  For one thing, her belly was now a large pot belly that was starting to drop just above her knees.  Her legs were looking super chunky, as though they were starting to rub together.  Even her breasts were starting to look restricted in her top.  They jiggled with every movement.

“Oh hey there genie girl and old man.  You have something that I need.  Think we can make it quicker than last time?  I have two, tasty turkeys waiting for me on the ship.”  Riskey ran her tongue between her lips.  Shantae could tell that she was really looking forward to that meal.

“Riskey, how did you get so fat?  I just saw you like two hours ago.”

“That’s a fancy way to say gorgeous.  You sure you don’t wanna learn more about the supreme queen of gold Jebdu?  I think you’ll get a kick out of it.”

Whose this Jebdu she keeps talking about?  Maybe it’s somehow linked to her sudden weight gain.

“The answer’s the same as last time Riskey.  No deal.  Do you mind leaving me and my uncle alone?”

“Afraid I can’t do that.  Your uncle has a an advanced engine that I need in order to get beyond the border.  I’m starting to run out of deserted islands to find gold on in the area.  Need to go beyond Sequin Land.”

“Oh no, she must be referring to the Sea Ripper.  It’s the thing in this box that we’re carrying.  Shantae, we must not let her have it.”  Mimic said with a stern look.  

“I’m on it.”  Like before, Shantae started to climb on top of some of Mimic’s inventions in order to get to the base of the ship.  Some Tinkerbats were attempting to pick up the box.  Though to not much success.  Fortunately for Shantae, there weren’t any cannons or stompers to worry about this time.  Perhaps Risky forgot to get them out.  Though as she jumped, she started to feel a bit more out of breath then she did last time.  Maybe it was all that food she ate.  Before she knew it, she was on the ship once again.  Risky’s portly body standing in front of her.

“So is it like a denial thing or something?  How can you not notice all the weight you’ve put on?”

“Oh this?  It’s a minor bloating.”  Risky pinched a bit of her flab.  “It actually gives me curves in all the right places.” She swayed her hips a bit.  Shantae just looked even more confused.

“Well regardless.  You can’t have the engine.  So why don’t you just take your blubber butt and skedaddle?”

“That’s no way to talk to a woman of beauty such as me!  I’ll force you to see it my way!”  Riskey ran, though it was mode of a waddle.  Towards Shantae. Since she was significantly slower this time.  It took almost no effort for Shantae to avoid her swipes.  Shantae noticed quite quickly that the pirate captain just wasn't using her full power in this fight.  Riskey huffed and puffed as she tried to get even just one hit in on Shantae.  After about two minutes, Riskey plopped onto her softer butt and panted.

“Take five?  I need to catch my breath a bit.”  This was certainly turning out to be an odd day for Shantae.  From her own odd cravings.  To Risky’s odd bloating.  

“Alright that does it.  Riskey, you’re turning into a blimp and I have just a hunch it has something to do with that dumb statue.  How are you this oblivious to what’s going on?”  Despite being enemies, she still felt the need to help her out.  Sure she caused her problems.  But she wasn't that big of a burden to her.

“The only oblvious one around here is you genie girl.  But don’t worry though.  Once I force you to open your eyes to Jebdu.  Everything will be clearer.”  In an odd turn of events.  Riskey picked up the statue of Jebdu and threw it directly at Shantae.  Catching it, she felt just how heavy it actually was.  She looked into the statue’s ruby eyes and was slightly mesmerised.  Though not wanting to share the same fate as the pirate.  Shantae quickly looked away and threw the statue on the floor.  “Ignorante wrench.  One of these days you’ll see for yourself.  Whatever, I’ll come back for this piece of junk some other day.  Let’s go boys.”  And just like that.  Riskey and her ship was gone.  Leaving a huge hole in Mimic’s lab.

“I’m sorry about the wall.  I promise I’ll get to work fixing it.”

“Nah take your time Shantae.  Its starting to get warmer out and the cool air is nice. Why don’t you head back home and relax?”  Mimic smiled.

“Yeah, that sounds good right about now.  I’ll see you later.”  Returning the smile.  She gave her uncle a soft hug before walking out.  Mimic raised a brow as he noticed that Shantae’s back looked a bit plumper than he remembered.

She should probably lay off those sweets alittle.  

Honest Question.

Mon May 4, 2015, 3:33 PM

If I were to open commissions.  How much would you be willing to pay?  Keep in mind that I'm open to a wide range of lengths and themes.  

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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
Chapter 1:

On a small island that wasn't recorded on any maps.  Stood a temple devoted to an obscure Goddess that only a small few still worshiped.  She is called Jebdu, and she is the goddess of gold.  At one point she was one actually pretty well known.  Blessing cities with prosperous wealth.  The other gods and goddess’s didn't take too kindly to this and decided to have her fattened to immobility so that she would no longer be able to use her power.  Before this, she made a final spell in that if a woman is able to match her weight in gold.  She would be blessed with eternal gold for as long as she lived.  On top of this, she also had a temple filled to the brim with enough gold to last several generations.  Though many scoffed this off as an urban legend, one devious pirate captain knew better.  

Captain Risky Boots landed her ship on the shore of the unknown island.  Her crew of Tinkerbats made all the preparations for docking.  Risky gave out orders to her crew  “Make sure you don’t make too much noise.  Might be some thieves already here waiting to ambush us.”  After everything was ready, Risky stepped off her ship with trimming her hat.  The breeze was fair and the only sounds that could be heard were the occasional seagulls and the crashing of the waves.  Four Tinkerbats accompanied her on her quest.  The small party wandered the beach for about twenty minutes.  Trying to figure out where the entrance to the temple was.

“Let’s see, according to the map.  There should be a small rock formation just  Ha!  Knew it!”  In front of the Captain was a set of four statues.  Depicting very fat, but beautiful women.  The statues were made of gold and each statue had a sizable gem stone on it’s forehead.  Each statue had it’s arms raised in an upward formation.  Risky had remembered reading something about sunlight having to pass through all of them in order for the entrance to be unlocked.  Looking at the hands of the statues again.  Risky noticed that had a mirror attached to them.

“Hmm, that must be it.  Tinkerbats!  Go arrange those mirrors so that the sunlight beams down to the center.”  Upon command, the small, imp like creatures started to climb the statues and work with one another so that all the mirrors were facing a specific direction.  Once all the beams were in place.  Risky felt the ground shake.  Some of the Tinkerbats were wobbled off the statues and landed harshly on the ground.  The disk formation Risky was standing on started to open, revealing a secret passage.  “Man, she’s just handing it over at this point.”

The Captain and the crew then descended the staircase.  Avoiding a series of easy to dodge booby traps.  They eventually came upon a large treasure room that seemed to be made of gold.  Across the vast room lied gold as far as the eye could see.  “Ah ha.  Good work, we have enough gold here to last us the rest of our days.”  Risky had a huge grin on her face as she walked around the room.  Scooping up whole piles of gold in her hands and letting it all trinkle back down.  While walking around the large room.  Risky saw someone on the back wall that caught her attention.  In front of her appeared to be a giant scale.  Attached to the wall behind the scale was a large arrow that seemed to work with the pad.  

Risky decided to walk over to it and stood on the platform.  It wobbled slightly like a real scale.  On the wall itself was a small passage, pertaining to the scale.  “She who may match me in weight shall have their weight in gold.”  Shaking her head a bit.  Risky wondered what the passage ment.  Then someone near the scale caught her eye.  It was a small, gold statue of a fat woman which Risky assumed was supposed to be representative of the Goddess Jebdu herself.  The small figure would be hard to distinguish from the rest of the gold.  If not for the bright red, ruby sealed in it’s belly button.  Picking it up, Risky noticed how heavy it actually was.  “Damn, this thing weighs more than it looks.”  

As Risky got a better view of the figure.  She noticed that it also had a pair of bright, blue eyes as blue as the sea.  There was a small flash that emitted from the eyes which Risky just assumed was light bouncing off of it.  “Ok, so I know where this place is.  And since I found it that means it’s  basically mine.  I’ll have to get some more ships to help me carry it all.  For now though I’m taking you back to the ship.”  Risky said to the statue.  As if it could talk to her back.  The Tinkerbats grabbed some extra sacks of treasure and followed the Captain back home.

On the ship, Risky looked over her prize a bit more.  The statue was quite detailed.  Every bit of detail on it’s dress was carved in such a delicate manner.  Whoever made it was must have been a master sculptor.  “I’m gonna hang you right above my bed as a sign of my power.”  Riskey said with a sly grin as the crew got the rest of the loot to the ship.  

Later that night, Risky was enjoying a meal with her crew.  The usual diner of various meats and vegetables was what was on the menu.  Everyone happily eating after another day’s worth of looting.  “Excellent work as usual men.  Tomorrow we'll check this island a bit more for maps leading to more islands with more treasures and even more maps.  That does sound a bit redundant I know.”  Risky said while having a moment of self reflection, though quickly dismissing that as she went right on back to eating her food.  While she ate, it hadn't occurred to her that she was eating a bit more than  usual that night.  In most cases she would have just three pieces of chicken and some veggies.  However, tonight she had eaten six pieces and zero veggies.

“Hmm, I don’t think this chicken has enough salt.  Can someone pass the salt please.”  Risky asked adding to the sodium bomb that would be her chicken.  She didn’t know what was making her want to eat even more chicken than normal.  Perhaps she had little to eat that morning.  But she was now scoffing down piece after piece of chicken like there was no tomorrow.  “Don’t just stand there.  Bring me more food!”  Completely confused, but not wanting to risk any physical injury.  The Tinkerbats did as they were commanded and started to gather even more food for her.  

As she continued her extended feast.  She started to show some signs of poundage.  For one thing her always trim stomach was starting to poke out with a bit of fat.  It started to seep onto her lap like some kind of ooze.  Her ample chest was starting to look less ample and more flat out big.  Purple flesh oozing from her odd looking too in a similar manner to her belly.  She also started to feel her pants getting tighter.  In actuality her ass was just getting fatter and starting to stretch her pants out a bit.  “Come on you guys.  I ain't getting any fuller here.”  Risky demanded as her poor crew frantically ran faster and faster in order to satisfy their captains demands.

After a bit more feasting.  Risky satisfyingly patted her softer stomach with a soft burp.  “Man I gotta say.  That food was a bit better than normal.  Wonder why that was?”  Looking over at the statue of Jebdu, she smiled before drifting off to a satisfying slumber.

Chapter 2:                                                                        

It was another breezy day in Scuttle Town.  A cool, ocean scented breeze filled the air as a hustling marketplace was full of life as usual.  Off near the coast of the town stood a small shack which housed Scuttle Town’s purple haired guardian.  The half genie Shantae.  As a beam of sunlight entered her bedroom, she slowly arose and stretched her arms.  “Ah, another day.  Another off chance of Pirate or Ammo Barron attacks, yippie.”  Shantae said with a bit of sarcasm as she slid off her pajamas and slid on her signature red, belly dancer outfit.  “Maybe I should go see what Sky and Bolo are up to.  I think we had plans for lunch today.”

As Shantae left her home, she felt a rumbling not unlike an Earthquake.  “I haven’t even been out of my house for five seconds without an ambush.  That’s a new record.”  In the distance she saw the familiar vessel of Captain Risky Boots.  The ship charged quickly towards her.  Then abruptly stopped in front of the dock near the shack.  Looking up at the ship, Shantae was expecting to see the familiar face of her rival.  Though as she came out, something seemed a bit off about her.  “Did...did Risky get fat?”

Indeed, the purple skinned pirate seemed significantly plumper this day.  Her paunch hanging slightly below her crotch area.  While her once trimmed arms now sagged a bit.    

“Ha, five seconds into you getting out of your house.  New record.” Risky grinned while placing her hands on her now widened hips.

“Yeah I counted.  So what do you want Risky?  Don’t you ever take a day off or something?”

“That’s a good one.  Pirates never take off from plundering.  Why just the other day yours truly discovered the lost temple of Jebdu, aka the goddess of gold.  You might have heard of her.”

“Actually I’ve never heard of her ever until now.  Sounds like some kind of obscure deity that only weirdos know about.”

“What?!  Would some phony baloney goddess have an entire island to herself?  Have a secret temple on said island?  And even have a spectacular figure in her image?”  Risky held up the statue of Jebdu that she had kept near her bed.  Shantae looked at the statue with a puzzled expression.

“So if you found an island full of gold.  What do you need from me or Scuttle Town? “

“I’m taking your valuables too.  Now that I have this statute.  That means I am the embodiment of Jebdu and therefore must have all the gold in Sequin Land!  And after that, I’m taking all the gold across the seven seas!”  

Embodiment in more ways then one.  Shantae commented in her head.  “You know how this goes though Risky.  You’re gonna try to attack me and I’m just gonna kick your butt as usual.  Why don’t we just get this out of the way?  I’m late for a lunch with my friends.”  

“Hmm, lunch doesn’t sound too half bad right now.  I mean, I’m taking you out this time genie girl.  And it’s all thanks to this.”  Risky pulled a lever next to her which caused her ship to start rearranging itself.  The bottom of the head of the ship opened.  Revealing three cannons.  The beams of the ship opened revealing two, large mechanical hammers on both sides.

“Don’t you usually put the cannons where the hammers are?”

“Normally yes.  But I had no idea where else to put the hammers so I just decided to put them there.  Prepared to get walloped!”  Immediately the cannons fired directly at Shantae.  She ducked under some and jumped over others.  Inching ever so closer. to the ship itself.  “There’s no point in dodging.  You’re bound to get hit by one of em.”  While the cannons normally weren’t an issue for her.  The new hammers were making things a bit tricker.  For one thing every time they struck the ground.  It would tremble.  Throwing Shantae off balance a bit.  There was also the issue of not getting squashed by them.

How does that thing float with such heavy hammers? Shantae thought while dodging more cannon balls.  She was still trying to figure out a way to regain balance while also getting closer to Risky.  That’s when she figured out that by anticipating when the hammers would strike.  She would quickly jump and avoid getting thrown off.  To her satisfaction, the plan worked.  And she went back to dodging the cannons like normal.  

“How do ya like the hammers?  This is the first time I’m using them and personally I think they’re marvelous.”  Risky smiled while hanging off of the edge of the cathead.  Her gut flopping over her.  Nearly touching her now larger breasts.    

As she got closer enough to the ship.  She leaped onto an on coming ball and bounced off it onto the main deck.  Once on the ship, it was there was she was able to get a better look at the enlarged Captain.  “Like what ya see?  They say that those who follow the Jebdu way are blessed with unlimited beauty.”  Risky said with a smirk on her slightly chubby face.

“Well I’m there are a group of people who would find beauty in this.  But don’t you think you might have...put on a few?” Shantae said with a raised brow.

“Don’t be ridiculous  You just aren’t able to grasp Jebdu’s true power.  If you want I can show you how.”

“That’s ok.  I like being able to see my feet thanks.”  Shantae ran towards the portly pirate as Riskay swung at her.  Repeating her maneuver with the cannon’s.  She lept over her and attempted to initiate a back attack.  To her surprise however,  Risky was able to quickly turn and attempted a counter.  Leaping back, Shatae whipped her hair towards Riskey.  Hoping to hit her from a distance.

“You’re gonna have to get closer than that Genie girl.”  Riskey grinned as she walked a bit towards Shantae.  She took her sword and made a few more swings.  

“Wouldn’t it be easier if you weren’t holding onto that thing?”  Shantae referred to the Jebdu statue.

“Quiet you.”  Riskey went into for another jab.  As Shantae stepped back however, her hand gently brushed against the statue.  A slight sense of nauseousness waved over her.  Though shaking her head a bit quickly relieved that.  The two went back and forth at each other.  Both barely missing the other.  After about seven minutes.  Risky eventually started to pat.  Shantae could see small beads of sweat starting to develop on her brow.  “Take five.  I need a drink.”  This only made Shatane raise her brow even higher.

“You feeling alright there Riskey?  You seem kinda out of it.”

“Huff...yeah..hooo...just gotta regain myself.  Man I could use a burger right now.”  Being weirded out enough by the whole situation.  Shantae started to walk off of the ship.  “Hey where do you think you’re going?  Were not done here.”

“I think you could use a break.  Plus I’m already late for lunch with my friends.  I’ll catch ya next ambush.”  Shantae smiled as she walked away.  Her belly grumbling a bit.
Shantae and the Weight of Gold Chapters 1 and 2
*First submission under new name woot!

So this is a Shantae weight gain fic, simple enough.  I'm gonna try to put two chapters into every submission of this story.  Not actually sure how long the story will be just yet.  But hopefully you will enjoy it.

All characters belong to Wayforward.

Honest Question.

Mon May 4, 2015, 3:33 PM

If I were to open commissions.  How much would you be willing to pay?  Keep in mind that I'm open to a wide range of lengths and themes.  

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