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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
Chapter 1:

On a small island that wasn't recorded on any maps.  Stood a temple devoted to an obscure Goddess that only a small few still worshiped.  She is called Jebdu, and she is the goddess of gold.  At one point she was one actually pretty well known.  Blessing cities with prosperous wealth.  The other gods and goddess’s didn't take too kindly to this and decided to have her fattened to immobility so that she would no longer be able to use her power.  Before this, she made a final spell in that if a woman is able to match her weight in gold.  She would be blessed with eternal gold for as long as she lived.  On top of this, she also had a temple filled to the brim with enough gold to last several generations.  Though many scoffed this off as an urban legend, one devious pirate captain knew better.  

Captain Risky Boots landed her ship on the shore of the unknown island.  Her crew of Tinkerbats made all the preparations for docking.  Risky gave out orders to her crew  “Make sure you don’t make too much noise.  Might be some thieves already here waiting to ambush us.”  After everything was ready, Risky stepped off her ship with trimming her hat.  The breeze was fair and the only sounds that could be heard were the occasional seagulls and the crashing of the waves.  Four Tinkerbats accompanied her on her quest.  The small party wandered the beach for about twenty minutes.  Trying to figure out where the entrance to the temple was.

“Let’s see, according to the map.  There should be a small rock formation just  Ha!  Knew it!”  In front of the Captain was a set of four statues.  Depicting very fat, but beautiful women.  The statues were made of gold and each statue had a sizable gem stone on it’s forehead.  Each statue had it’s arms raised in an upward formation.  Risky had remembered reading something about sunlight having to pass through all of them in order for the entrance to be unlocked.  Looking at the hands of the statues again.  Risky noticed that had a mirror attached to them.

“Hmm, that must be it.  Tinkerbats!  Go arrange those mirrors so that the sunlight beams down to the center.”  Upon command, the small, imp like creatures started to climb the statues and work with one another so that all the mirrors were facing a specific direction.  Once all the beams were in place.  Risky felt the ground shake.  Some of the Tinkerbats were wobbled off the statues and landed harshly on the ground.  The disk formation Risky was standing on started to open, revealing a secret passage.  “Man, she’s just handing it over at this point.”

The Captain and the crew then descended the staircase.  Avoiding a series of easy to dodge booby traps.  They eventually came upon a large treasure room that seemed to be made of gold.  Across the vast room lied gold as far as the eye could see.  “Ah ha.  Good work, we have enough gold here to last us the rest of our days.”  Risky had a huge grin on her face as she walked around the room.  Scooping up whole piles of gold in her hands and letting it all trinkle back down.  While walking around the large room.  Risky saw someone on the back wall that caught her attention.  In front of her appeared to be a giant scale.  Attached to the wall behind the scale was a large arrow that seemed to work with the pad.  

Risky decided to walk over to it and stood on the platform.  It wobbled slightly like a real scale.  On the wall itself was a small passage, pertaining to the scale.  “She who may match me in weight shall have their weight in gold.”  Shaking her head a bit.  Risky wondered what the passage ment.  Then someone near the scale caught her eye.  It was a small, gold statue of a fat woman which Risky assumed was supposed to be representative of the Goddess Jebdu herself.  The small figure would be hard to distinguish from the rest of the gold.  If not for the bright red, ruby sealed in it’s belly button.  Picking it up, Risky noticed how heavy it actually was.  “Damn, this thing weighs more than it looks.”  

As Risky got a better view of the figure.  She noticed that it also had a pair of bright, blue eyes as blue as the sea.  There was a small flash that emitted from the eyes which Risky just assumed was light bouncing off of it.  “Ok, so I know where this place is.  And since I found it that means it’s  basically mine.  I’ll have to get some more ships to help me carry it all.  For now though I’m taking you back to the ship.”  Risky said to the statue.  As if it could talk to her back.  The Tinkerbats grabbed some extra sacks of treasure and followed the Captain back home.

On the ship, Risky looked over her prize a bit more.  The statue was quite detailed.  Every bit of detail on it’s dress was carved in such a delicate manner.  Whoever made it was must have been a master sculptor.  “I’m gonna hang you right above my bed as a sign of my power.”  Riskey said with a sly grin as the crew got the rest of the loot to the ship.  

Later that night, Risky was enjoying a meal with her crew.  The usual diner of various meats and vegetables was what was on the menu.  Everyone happily eating after another day’s worth of looting.  “Excellent work as usual men.  Tomorrow we'll check this island a bit more for maps leading to more islands with more treasures and even more maps.  That does sound a bit redundant I know.”  Risky said while having a moment of self reflection, though quickly dismissing that as she went right on back to eating her food.  While she ate, it hadn't occurred to her that she was eating a bit more than  usual that night.  In most cases she would have just three pieces of chicken and some veggies.  However, tonight she had eaten six pieces and zero veggies.

“Hmm, I don’t think this chicken has enough salt.  Can someone pass the salt please.”  Risky asked adding to the sodium bomb that would be her chicken.  She didn’t know what was making her want to eat even more chicken than normal.  Perhaps she had little to eat that morning.  But she was now scoffing down piece after piece of chicken like there was no tomorrow.  “Don’t just stand there.  Bring me more food!”  Completely confused, but not wanting to risk any physical injury.  The Tinkerbats did as they were commanded and started to gather even more food for her.  

As she continued her extended feast.  She started to show some signs of poundage.  For one thing her always trim stomach was starting to poke out with a bit of fat.  It started to seep onto her lap like some kind of ooze.  Her ample chest was starting to look less ample and more flat out big.  Purple flesh oozing from her odd looking too in a similar manner to her belly.  She also started to feel her pants getting tighter.  In actuality her ass was just getting fatter and starting to stretch her pants out a bit.  “Come on you guys.  I ain't getting any fuller here.”  Risky demanded as her poor crew frantically ran faster and faster in order to satisfy their captains demands.

After a bit more feasting.  Risky satisfyingly patted her softer stomach with a soft burp.  “Man I gotta say.  That food was a bit better than normal.  Wonder why that was?”  Looking over at the statue of Jebdu, she smiled before drifting off to a satisfying slumber.

Chapter 2:                                                                        

It was another breezy day in Scuttle Town.  A cool, ocean scented breeze filled the air as a hustling marketplace was full of life as usual.  Off near the coast of the town stood a small shack which housed Scuttle Town’s purple haired guardian.  The half genie Shantae.  As a beam of sunlight entered her bedroom, she slowly arose and stretched her arms.  “Ah, another day.  Another off chance of Pirate or Ammo Barron attacks, yippie.”  Shantae said with a bit of sarcasm as she slid off her pajamas and slid on her signature red, belly dancer outfit.  “Maybe I should go see what Sky and Bolo are up to.  I think we had plans for lunch today.”

As Shantae left her home, she felt a rumbling not unlike an Earthquake.  “I haven’t even been out of my house for five seconds without an ambush.  That’s a new record.”  In the distance she saw the familiar vessel of Captain Risky Boots.  The ship charged quickly towards her.  Then abruptly stopped in front of the dock near the shack.  Looking up at the ship, Shantae was expecting to see the familiar face of her rival.  Though as she came out, something seemed a bit off about her.  “Did...did Risky get fat?”

Indeed, the purple skinned pirate seemed significantly plumper this day.  Her paunch hanging slightly below her crotch area.  While her once trimmed arms now sagged a bit.    

“Ha, five seconds into you getting out of your house.  New record.” Risky grinned while placing her hands on her now widened hips.

“Yeah I counted.  So what do you want Risky?  Don’t you ever take a day off or something?”

“That’s a good one.  Pirates never take off from plundering.  Why just the other day yours truly discovered the lost temple of Jebdu, aka the goddess of gold.  You might have heard of her.”

“Actually I’ve never heard of her ever until now.  Sounds like some kind of obscure deity that only weirdos know about.”

“What?!  Would some phony baloney goddess have an entire island to herself?  Have a secret temple on said island?  And even have a spectacular figure in her image?”  Risky held up the statue of Jebdu that she had kept near her bed.  Shantae looked at the statue with a puzzled expression.

“So if you found an island full of gold.  What do you need from me or Scuttle Town? “

“I’m taking your valuables too.  Now that I have this statute.  That means I am the embodiment of Jebdu and therefore must have all the gold in Sequin Land!  And after that, I’m taking all the gold across the seven seas!”  

Embodiment in more ways then one.  Shantae commented in her head.  “You know how this goes though Risky.  You’re gonna try to attack me and I’m just gonna kick your butt as usual.  Why don’t we just get this out of the way?  I’m late for a lunch with my friends.”  

“Hmm, lunch doesn’t sound too half bad right now.  I mean, I’m taking you out this time genie girl.  And it’s all thanks to this.”  Risky pulled a lever next to her which caused her ship to start rearranging itself.  The bottom of the head of the ship opened.  Revealing three cannons.  The beams of the ship opened revealing two, large mechanical hammers on both sides.

“Don’t you usually put the cannons where the hammers are?”

“Normally yes.  But I had no idea where else to put the hammers so I just decided to put them there.  Prepared to get walloped!”  Immediately the cannons fired directly at Shantae.  She ducked under some and jumped over others.  Inching ever so closer. to the ship itself.  “There’s no point in dodging.  You’re bound to get hit by one of em.”  While the cannons normally weren’t an issue for her.  The new hammers were making things a bit tricker.  For one thing every time they struck the ground.  It would tremble.  Throwing Shantae off balance a bit.  There was also the issue of not getting squashed by them.

How does that thing float with such heavy hammers? Shantae thought while dodging more cannon balls.  She was still trying to figure out a way to regain balance while also getting closer to Risky.  That’s when she figured out that by anticipating when the hammers would strike.  She would quickly jump and avoid getting thrown off.  To her satisfaction, the plan worked.  And she went back to dodging the cannons like normal.  

“How do ya like the hammers?  This is the first time I’m using them and personally I think they’re marvelous.”  Risky smiled while hanging off of the edge of the cathead.  Her gut flopping over her.  Nearly touching her now larger breasts.    

As she got closer enough to the ship.  She leaped onto an on coming ball and bounced off it onto the main deck.  Once on the ship, it was there was she was able to get a better look at the enlarged Captain.  “Like what ya see?  They say that those who follow the Jebdu way are blessed with unlimited beauty.”  Risky said with a smirk on her slightly chubby face.

“Well I’m there are a group of people who would find beauty in this.  But don’t you think you might have...put on a few?” Shantae said with a raised brow.

“Don’t be ridiculous  You just aren’t able to grasp Jebdu’s true power.  If you want I can show you how.”

“That’s ok.  I like being able to see my feet thanks.”  Shantae ran towards the portly pirate as Riskay swung at her.  Repeating her maneuver with the cannon’s.  She lept over her and attempted to initiate a back attack.  To her surprise however,  Risky was able to quickly turn and attempted a counter.  Leaping back, Shatae whipped her hair towards Riskey.  Hoping to hit her from a distance.

“You’re gonna have to get closer than that Genie girl.”  Riskey grinned as she walked a bit towards Shantae.  She took her sword and made a few more swings.  

“Wouldn’t it be easier if you weren’t holding onto that thing?”  Shantae referred to the Jebdu statue.

“Quiet you.”  Riskey went into for another jab.  As Shantae stepped back however, her hand gently brushed against the statue.  A slight sense of nauseousness waved over her.  Though shaking her head a bit quickly relieved that.  The two went back and forth at each other.  Both barely missing the other.  After about seven minutes.  Risky eventually started to pat.  Shantae could see small beads of sweat starting to develop on her brow.  “Take five.  I need a drink.”  This only made Shatane raise her brow even higher.

“You feeling alright there Riskey?  You seem kinda out of it.”

“Huff...yeah..hooo...just gotta regain myself.  Man I could use a burger right now.”  Being weirded out enough by the whole situation.  Shantae started to walk off of the ship.  “Hey where do you think you’re going?  Were not done here.”

“I think you could use a break.  Plus I’m already late for lunch with my friends.  I’ll catch ya next ambush.”  Shantae smiled as she walked away.  Her belly grumbling a bit.
Shantae and the Weight of Gold Chapters 1 and 2
*First submission under new name woot!

So this is a Shantae weight gain fic, simple enough.  I'm gonna try to put two chapters into every submission of this story.  Not actually sure how long the story will be just yet.  But hopefully you will enjoy it.

All characters belong to Wayforward.
Apr 19, 2015
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
“Damn, I’m telling ya Tim.  I don’t think this thing’s ever gonna sell.  It’s been sitting in the store for almost three months now and there hasn’t been a single sale.  The manufacture charged way too much for this thing.”  Jeffrey scratched his head while looking at Get Tech’s latest item for sale.  He picked up the brochure for the device.  “Promising maximum relaxation.  The Max Relax 5000 is the latest in massage chair technology.  Designed specifically for those who want more out of a chair.  This sophisticated machine promises you’ll feel like a new person after one use.  If only it would sell.”

Jeff stood at the cash register while glaring out at the mall like he usually did.  It was a Thursday afternoon so not too many people would be in the store today.  Looking back at the Max Relax only made Jeff more anxious.  The Get Tech company had spent a fortune on getting the chair into his store.  Despite the financial roller coaster the store was in, they insisted he get it.  Everything was riding on the sale of that thing.  If this thing didn’t sell soon, Jeff would be out of a job.

One of the few patrons of the mall this afternoon was Vicky.  The brunette brushed her hair back a bit as she walked by some stores.  She was on her way to the party store to grab some supplies for an event this weekend.  Everyone in her complex knew her as the go to party girl so it was her job to make sure everything was in supply.  “Let’s see, we need cups, plates, utensils, drinks, snacks, cups, wait.  Did I write cups twice?”  Vicky was going over her list while passing by one of her fav clothing stores.  She looked at one of the mannequins and sighed a little.

Vicky was the shortest girl among her friends.  Though no one was ever mean about it.  She always felt as though they were judging her from time to time.  As if she were the odd one out.  Man I wish I was taller.  That would be rad.  What made matters a bit worse was the fact that many of her peers excelled in certain fields.  She could just as easily ask her friends to help.  But didn’t do so due to embarrassment.  Looking up at the mannequin again made Vicky think  of several times where friend’s unintentionally patronized her sized.

One day, Vicky and her friend Rose went to the movies and Rose was asked if was ok if her daughter see the movie.  The ticket booth of course thinking that Vicky was a kid.  Another instance involved her and Sandra going to a theme park, and Vicky being too short to ride the coaster.  Sandra did her best to make her not feel too bad about it.  But the damage was already done.  Though everyone tried their best to tell her that there was nothing wrong with her height.  There was one person who didn't have as pleasant of an approach.

Rebecca was the one girl who would sometimes put down Vicky due to her height.  Despite her claim that she was merely teasing her.  Vicky would often feel quite embarrassed by her remarks.  She recalled a particular instance when Ivy, a friend of Vicky’s needed a book off the shelf.  Being the helpful friend she was.  She decided to get up and get the book down for her.  When she didn't, Rebecca took the opportunity to do some teasing.

“Looks like shortie couldn’t quite get it.”  Rebecca said with a bit of a snark.  

“Hey no fair, I was just trying to help.”

“Don’t fret over it small fry.  You’ll be taller one day.  Maybe.”  She had never been more humiliated in her life.  Even though she eventually brushed it off.  Part of her really wished she could get taller one.  By whatever means possible.  Within the distance she could see the party store.  Right in front of it was Get Tech.  I still have a little while till I need to get back.  I’ll just swing in to kill time.

Once inside, Vicky marveled at the selection the place had to offer.  Get Tech was well known for offering a variety of products.  From home goods to office ware.  There was something for just about any situation.  Looking out at the entrance, Jeff was quick on his feet.  Aw crud, a customer.  He quickly approached Vicky while a smile sprung on his face.  “Hello, welcome to Get Tech.  For all your technological needs.  I’m Jeff, how can I help you today?”

“Oh I’m not looking to buy anything right now.  I’m just looking around thanks.”

“Ah, well if you need anything just holler.”  Damn, I gotta get her to buy something.  Vicky walked around the store looking at everything they had to offer.  There was an electronic bar scale that could measure how much of each type of liquid was in a drink.  A miniature drone you could control with your phone.  Even a snack dispenser that deposited sweets with the wave of a hand.

Wow this stuff is so cool.  I could easily pick out several birthday gifts here.  Vicky thought to herself as she wandered back near the front.  Right as she was about to leave, she a very big looking chair.  “Excuse me.  What’s this?”  Jeff then ran over to answer her question.

“Well that is the Relax Max 5000.  The latest in massage chair technology.  It’s state of the art infrastructure is designed to make you feel like a whole new person after one use.”

“A whole new person?  That’s an awfully bold claim.  What can it do exactly that make change a person?”  Vicky said raising a brow.

“Well I’m very glad you asked.  The Relax Max 5000 produces  natural body growth using it’s innovative rays that stimulate bone growth.  It also increases the user’s fa.”

 “Ahhh, I see.  Can I try it out?”  Vicky asked with a smile.  She seemed convinced enough by the sales pitch.

“Um well yes, of course. That’s why it’s here.  Why don’t you give it a try.”  Vicky slipped off her shoes and hopped in.  The chair was actually super comfortable.  More comfortable than even most couches.  With it’s black leather covering.  She was afraid she might fall asleep.  Reaching into the arm rest, she found the remote which was attached to the chair via cord.  The remote had several button and a large screen that indicated what the chair was currently performing.  There was even a foot rest to place her feet in,  

“Man it looks like this thing can do anything.”  Vicky commented as she laid back.  Jeff was quite pleased.  Perhaps with a little more convincing she may wind up liking the thing after all.

“Well why don’t you give it a sample go?  You won’t know if you’re truly satisfied with it until you have a test run.”

Vicky pressed the on button and the remote instantly lit up.  A computerized voice greeted her.  “Hello new user.  I am the Relax Max 5000.  I am designed to give you maximum comfort and a grand sense of ease.  There are many options to go with.  Please select which one you would like to try out first.”  The remote then showed a few of the massage options that were available to use.  

“Oooh, so many choices.  Which one do you think I should go with first?”

“Well there are a couple of demo options.  Why don’t you try one of those out.”  Suggested Jeff as Vicky saw there were four available.  

“Hmm, let’s try this one called stuff and Stretch.”  Upon pressing the option, the machine sprang to life and the mechanical arms started to rub along Vicky’s petite body.  Despite their automatic nature, the rollers were quite gentle and caressed her body as soft as an actual person’s touch.

“Well it seems like everything's in order.  I’m just gonna head to the back to make a few phone calls.  I’m sure you have everything under control.”  Jeff hurried to the back leaving Vicky to herself and the chair.  The rollers were focusing on her back first.  Getting into every crevice they could.

“Ahh, this feels super nice.  I needed a good back rubbing.”  Vicky slowly closed her eyes as she let the machine do it’s thing.  She could feel the chair starting to heat up.  Adding an even more human touch to the rollers.  "It's like I'm at an actual massage parlor."  Vicky said to herself as the machine continued as it normally did so.

As the machine was starting to settling into the first part of the session.  Vicky could start to feel the armrests pulling her arms back and forth.  It was a gentle tug and it helped put her at ease.  At the same time the foot rest started to warm up and rub her feet.  She was liking this the most.  “Man I think I needed the feet thing the most.  I've been doing nothing but walking all day.”  Like a mini toaster, the foot rest was making her feet melt like butter.  While the foot rest was doing it’s job, something odd was occurring to her feet.  

She couldn’t tell due to her feet being secured inside the box like foot rest.  but her feet were actually starting to swell up.  Only very slightly, but if she were to see them.  She would see that they seemed to be a bit puffier.  Certainly her shoes wouldn’t fit into them quite well anymore.  Though they were now so warm that she would never notice otherwise.  Each chubby digit wiggled happily as her treatment continued. This whole treatment was absolutely marvelous.  There was just a certain type of pleasure that was derived from having one’s feet rubbed.

After a few more minutes on her feet.  The chair then moved up to her ankles.  In a similar manner to her feet, the machine gently rubbed her ankles with a human touch.  “Hmm, my legs feel a little cold.  Better turn up the heat.”  With a flick of her thumb, she slid for more heat on her legs.  Instantly her lower legs were starting to feel even warmer.  “Ahh, much better.”  Also like her legs before her, something very bizarre was starting to happen to her legs.  They seemed to be a bit longer than before.  Only very slightly, but could be seen if looked just right.

Though the tugs weren’t as prominent as with her feet.  It was still occurring and the changes were now view able.  For starters her ankles were now looking wider.  Not by too much in this stage, but if one were to see her legs.  They would see that they were indeed wider looking.  Small bits of fat were being pumped into them.  As to not overflow things at once.  Of course through all of thing Vicky didn’t notice a thing.  After about four minutes.  Her once slender ankles were now chunky cankles.  About the size of softballs.  No longer were there any indication of a start or an end between her legs and feet.  The rollers then moved up to her calves where they received a similar treatment.

The chair's signature human touch was again making Vicky feel quite good.  She could feel pleasurable tingles emitting through her legs.  As if the person rubbing her knew all the right places to touch.  “Mmmm, that’s it.  Keep rubbing.”  She softly smiled as her eyes happily remained closed.    

“I can’t believe it Tim, someone is actually spending more than two minutes in the chair.  I’m telling ya, if I can get her to stay for the full treatment.  She may just consider a purchase.”  For once in a very long time.  Jeff was now optimistic about his store.  Though there was no way for certain to tell if a sale was secured yet.  Jeff crossed his fingers and hoped for the best.  About one third of Vicky’s body was now noticeably fatter.  Indeed to any passerby that saw her in the store.  They would see quite an odd sight.  A skinny girl were very fat legs?  That wouldn’t be too good for business.  Fortunately for Jeff, the chair would soon take care of that.

The next part of the chair’s treatment was on Vicky’s thighs.  Instead of using simple rollers like before.  More complex mechanisms were going to be needed in order to get the job done.  For starters, larger versions of the rollers were needed in order to sculpt what would be  quite the pair of thunder thighs.  Another mechanism on the leg area that the chair’s manual describes as “pressers.”  Started to knead Vicky’s legs like dough.  How little she knew that eventually she would be describing her legs as such.

First the pressers gently pushed back and forth against the legs.  They were slowly, but surely becoming thicker.  Some seams on the side of her pants were now starting to rip as pale flesh was starting to pop out.  The thighs were now a little under a foot wide.  They now complemented the rest of the legs.        

At this point in the procedure.  Vicky looked like a bizarre half skinny, half fat hybrid.  With a flat stomach, slim arms, and a pointed face.  It was quite odd that she would now also have chubby feet, kankles, and colom thighs.  Fortunately the machine wasn’t done yet.  The next procedure however wasn’t going to be the same as the others.  Going back to the name of the process “Tall and Wide”.  This next part involved the chair temporarily tilting Vicky back into a horizontal position.  As if she were about to go to sleep.  Yawning a bit, Vicky rubbed her eyes.

The feeling of having her legs creased and touch was quite a turn on.  It was as though human hands were touching her in every right spot.  “Mmmm, this feels so nice.  Keep going please.”  One of the hands accidentally rubbed near her crotch.  This made her blush a bit as the feeling was simply fantastic.  “Oooohh, I like that.”  She moaned slightly as the hands continued their work.  Vicky had remembered seeing some women’s toys near the back.  Perhaps she would take a look there again once she got back up.  “I know I got stuff to take care of.  But this chair is just too nice.”

While Vicky was on the verge of actual sleep.  The pressers from the leg area, worked together with the foot rest and started to press inward in a similar manner to before.  Except now it was actually stretching her legs outwards.  Some minor pressers next to her torso were taking care of business up above.  Though the change was drastic.  It was occurring at such a slow and peaceful rate that Vicky didn’t even know it was happening.  Turning her butt into a dome was going to be quite the challenge.  But sure enough the chair had a way.  But before it could get to that.  It was easier to take care of that butt of hers first.  “Please turn over for next step.”

“Wha...oh that’s new?  Never heard of a chair that made you lay on your belly before.  But the chair is the boss.”  Vicky rolled over and laid flat on her stomach. The were was a pop out hole in the head rest similar to that of an actual massage parlor bed.  Once Vicky was in the proper position, something slightly off started to happen to the chair.  The arms rests rotated eighty degrees so that they were positioned right on top of Vicky’s buns.  They then slowly lowered themselves and begun the next process.

The arms slowly ascended and started to vibrate as they got closer to their target.  Once on her, they started to sculpt around her buns as they warmed up.  Adding a bit more a human touch.  What the heat’s main purpose was actually a special type of non toxic radiation that that accelerated the growth of the fat cells in the body.  This was actually how the chair added fat throughout the body.  Slowly but surely, Vicky’s ass was starting to get fatter.  Like bread, her buns were rising within her pants.  Her panties already feeling a bit tight.  As the growth continued, the lower part of her butt started to meld with her chunky legs.  On top, some cellulite was starting to form.

“Ugh, these things are feeling kinda tight.  I should throw on a bigger pair when I get home.”  Vicky pulled her pants up a bit to make sure they didn’t get stuck in her butt cheeks.  Speaking of which, they had now become large, flabby domes.  Which jiggled at even the slightest touch.  A very prominent butt crack could now be seen poking out at the top of her pants.  Her butt had gotten so big in fact that the machine had started to widen itself in order to accommodate her growing frame.  Jeff took a quick peep from the back office and was dumbfounded by what he saw.

“What on Earth?  What’s happening to her?  She wasn't supposed to get that big.” Why?!  I need to call customer service!”  Jeff had his hands on his head as he quickly found the number of the company on the brochure and called.  About two minutes later he got through.  “Hello, this is Jeff Nickle.  Manager of Get Tech number 128.  I seem to be having a issue with one of your chairs.  I have a customer sitting in it right now and she seems to be gaining body weight at an unrealistically fast pace.  More so than what the chair is supposed to do.”  Jeff was still a bit shaken up.  If the girl found out what happened to her.  Not only would she not buy the chair.  But she would most likely sue for millions.

“Thank you for calling Soulfree Luxuries.  A representative will be with you shortly.  Please hold while we connect you.”  Said the automated recording as soothing beach sounds were all that Jeff could hear.

“Damn, damn.  I need to get through.  My job’s on the line.”  While Jeff was too busy in his mini state of panic.  Vicky was still having the massage of her life on the Relax Max.  A true piece of technological magic.  It was a credit to the machine’s brilliant design that Vicky had no clue what was happening to her.  All of her newly added weight just felt like her lower half falling asleep.  Sleep at this point was actually quite tempting for Vicky.  She slowly started to shut her eyes and fall into a peaceful trance of tranquility.  It was like resting on a cloud.  

Now that it’s subject was asleep.  The chair could now focus on it’s efforts with no distraction.  Right as the finishing touches were being made to her butt.  A few seams were starting to pull apart.  Revealing a bit of green underneath.  There was no mistaking it.  Her pants were simply too tight for her anymore.  Not only was her fattening body crammed into a too tight space.  But her nearly added height was also starting to stretch things out in the opposite direction.  On top of that, there was now the issue of her grand muffin top which was now causing fat to still out of the top of her damaged jeans.  Like vanilla pudding being squeezed out of a snack pack.  Vicky’s fat seemed to be taking on more properties of gel at the moment.  Of course her lard was still quite solid.  This was all just due to the fat having no other place to go.

“Commencing emergency spreading.”  On command, semi thin cables started to lash out of the arm rests.  They quickly went to the top of her pants and started to gently tug on her rolls.  A second pair was taking care of business downward.  Though the chair could do alot.  It was unable to fix her near destroyed pants.

 While Vicky was still laying down flat.  The chair then went on and worked on her belly.  Using the same arm rest heaters from before.  They now instead focused on her midsections. Simulating a pair of warms hands.  The arm rests started to give her the most soothing belly rub she ever felt.  Or at least would have felt if she weren’t deeply asleep.  Soon enough, place flesh started to peep out of her shirt.  The arm rests played around with the dough belly a bit before it got so large that the arms were no longer able to hold all of it.  Her navel was now quite deep due to the extra mass now around it.

While this was all happening.  Vicky was have quite the pleasant dream.  In her dream she was a bit taller than she normally was.  With her new height she was able to do all of the things that her friends did.  She rode all the theme park rides.  No one mistook her for a kid.  She was even able to get Ivy’s book down from the tallest shelf.  In this state she couldn’t be happier.  At one point in the dream, her and her friend’s were deciding what they wanted to do that day.

“I think we should head to the mall for some shopping.”  Alba suggested.

“Nah we should go to the beach.  It’s a great day out.”  Said Amaya.

“Why don’t we head to the buffet?  I hear their having a half off deal today.  We could all eat super cheap.”  Tania said while showing off a coupon.  Everyone happily agreed and soon they were there.  As everyone went through the menu.  Vicky was having a hard time deciding what she wanted.

“Hmm, everything looks so good.  I just can’t tell what I’d like the best?”

“Well it is a buffet.  Why don't you try a little bit of each and see what you like?”  Alba suggested as Vicky got up and went over to where the food was.  There was alot to choose from and everything looked so fresh.  She could smell the oily scent of fries.  Hear the sizzle of beef cooking on the grill.  She saw the colorful array of cakes over by the dessert table.  All of her senses just going off at once.                          

“There’s just too so much to choose from.  I don’t know where to start.”  Figuring that it was primarily a Chinese buffet.  She decided to try out some chicken and pork first.  There were also some beef sticks she grabbed as well.  She even got a slice of cake for an early dessert.  Back at the table all of her friend’s were already in the middle of their own meals.  Vicky sat down and took a bite of the pork.  It was some of the best pork she had ever tasted.  “Mmmm, so good.”  It was so good that she didn’t even notice that all of it was gone.  Looking at her plate she saw that there was still her chicken and beef left.  

Now since this was a dream that was warped from reality.  As she ate she started to grow fatter at an unrealistic rate.  That one plate of food already gave her a four month pregnant sized belly.  Needing to get more food, she got up and loaded her plate with even more food than before.  After about five plates of food, there was already a noticeable difference in her physic.  Almost every part of her body seemed softer.  Her belly was big and flabby, her  ass was taking up much of her seat.  And her legs were now touching.  The weirdest part was that she couldn’t have been happier.  All this added weight was just amazing to her.    

Meanwhile  outside of her dream.  Vicky was looking more and more like a proper fatty.  The armrests had worked on her arms.  Making them thicker and hammy.  Her fingers were now also quite sausage like.  It would be quite hard to squeeze them at this point.  Going over to her chest.  She now sported a nice pair of E-cups breasts.  Not only had they widened out.  But they were also starting to leak out of her shirt.  Clearly being too large to be contained within it in a similar manner to her pants and legs.  Though she was still on her back.  If one were to get a good look at her back.  They would see that the excess lard had caused two, large back folds to develop.  Wit crevits so deep you could store coins inside.  At this point around 95% of her body was fattitied.  The only thing that remained was her head.

Out of all the procedures thus far.  Making her head and face fat would be the hardest part of all.  It would have to do it’s work as gently as possible.  There were small mechanisms within the headrest that started to push back and forth in a similar manner to the pressures in the leg rest.  As Vicky’s face was being mushed, some parts of her face, particularly her cheeks.  Were starting to look a bit swollen.  Not in a painful sense.  But as if Vicky had held onto some water in her mouth.  Soon she sported a nice pair of cute chipmunk cheeks.  The lower part of her face was starting to swell up like a water balloon.  A healthy jowell was starting to form under her chin.  

Inside her dream, she was starting to look more like how she did in reality.  Though due to the dream, she was even fatter than that.  Her butt was at least two feet wide, with a huge butt crack sticking out of her pants.  A large, flabby belly that hung down past her knees. Breasts that she could barely see past.  And every other part of her was just plain fat.  If one were to see her, they would assume she was around 550lbs.  

“Man you ate so much Vicky.”

“Yeah, you’re the eating champ!”

“Hope you have room for more.”  All of her friends were encouraging her to eat even more.  Each of them bringing her more and more plates of food.  Beef, chicken, salads, pasta, soups, cakes.  It was all there in front of her.  She took no time in absolutely devouring everything in sight.  Growing bigger and fatter by the second.  Just the feeling of being so large was such a turn on.  She could feel herself starting to get wet.  Her nipples were starting to poke out within her top.  

“Ooohh, so honry.  Need more food.”  She said as grabbed more food with her chubby arms.  Her fatty cheeks were starting to look a bit red.  Vicky was now in pure bliss.  Everything, from what she ate, to how she was being touched.  Everything just made her feel happy and sexy.  “I needed to be rubbed so bad!”

“So you’re positive she’s supposed to get that big?”  Jeff  was a bit calmer than he was before.  The person on the phone had told him that it was natural for people to grow quite large from the chair from time to time.  If she absolutely hated her new size she would need to call the company.  “Well I guess that helps.  Thank you.”  Jeff said still a bit nervous as it looked like Vicky was done with her session.  He still counted believe what happened.  Not only did the chair make her fatter.  But she was also two feet taller.  He walked over to see what she thought of the chair.  “Damn she’s still asleep.  Well that may not be a bad thing.”

Right at that moment.  Vicky’s eyes slowly started to open as the first thing she saw was a flesh colored mound.  She poked at it as she giggled slightly.  “Is that….my belly?”  Opening her eyes a bit more, she was able to see the reality of what her body had become.  She wasn’t just fat.  She was downright obese.  Everything from her almost three rolled stomach.  Her chair crushing ass.  Her H cup breasts that were almost spill out of her bra that was once a shirt.  Every part of her was absolutely fat.  “”

“Miss I can explain.” Jeff said sheepishly.      

“I”m tall!  I can’t believe this is real!”  Said Vicky gleefully as she hopped a bit.  Her fat jiggling all over the place.  A huge grine lit up on her face as she looked down at herself.

“Wait?  So you aren’t upset?”

“Upset?  How could I possibly be upset.  I’m tall now.  This is something I’ve wanted all my life.”

“Oh well that is good I suppose.  So what would you say about purchasing Relax Max?”  Said Jeff as a huge wave of relief came over him.

“Hmm, I dunno.  I think I still need some more convincing.  Though I am leaning towards a yes.”

“Oh?  Was there something about it you didn’t like?  Keep in mind this is a demo piece so the full one will have more features.”  A slight sense of desperation could be heard in his voice.

“I think I still want to see a bit more of it in action.”
“But aren’t you happy you’re taller now?  You were just hopping up and down.”

“Yeah I was.  And I’m totally glad I’m now the same height as my friend’s  But I’m just not sure if it can do anything else for me right now.”

“Ah that’s better than nothing I suppose.”  While the two were talking about Vicky’s experience.  A familiar face came into the store.  It was Rebecca, and she had no idea that the fat woman in front of her was Vicky.  She raised a brow as she looked at the chair.

“So what’s the deal with this chair?  Looks expensive.”

“I can assure you Miss that the Relax Max can fit into any budget.  We have all kinds of packages to offer.  Though before you consider buying it.  Why don't you try it out yourself?”  Suggested Jeff as Rebecca took a seat.  

“Feels kinda warm.  Like someone just used it.  Not sure how I feel about that.”  Rebecca then picked up the remote and saw an option called Small and sweet.  “Let’s go with that.  A nice and quick session is all I need.”  The machine then fired up again and started to rub Rebecca the same way it did for Vicky.  Except it was now doing something a bit different than it did before.  Were as Vicky was made taller due to the chair.  Rebecca had selected a different procedure entirely.

For one thing, the foot rest and head rest were starting to contract into one another.  Pressing Rebecca together though not in a painful manner.  Though like Vicky, she was also starting to put on some weight as well.  Mostly in her midsection and butt.  Vicky and Jeff looked on in disbelief as Rebecca was now going through her own metamorphosis.

I’m glad I didn’t pick that one.  Vicky thought to herself as Rebecca’s diminishing height was starting to make her look even fatter than she actually was.  Her belly was popping out of her shirt like a sardine tin.  The same was occurring with her ass and pants as a growing ass was now poking out too.  Despite her process moving faster than Vicky’s, the results were still the same.  

“What the hell is happening to me?!”

“Ah crap, she’s gonna sue for sure!”

The distinction between her head and neck was fading.  It was as if her head was melting into her torso.  In reality, it was a combination  of fat building up in that area, and her shrinking stature.

“I think she's even shorter then me when I started.”

“Isn’t there an off switch?”

“I warn you miss, stopping the machine in the middle of it’s work could be a bad thing.”

“I don’t care just make it stop!”

“Well, you’re the customer.”  Jeff grabbed the remote and pressed the stop button.  The chair then slowly stopped moving as it finally came to a halt.  Rebecca looked down at herself and was furious.  She was short and fat.  It was as though she were a ball of a person.  Most of her features were now exaggerated.  With a comically wide belly and butt, she would surely be the laughing stock of the complex.    

“Oh I’m suing.  I’m suing hard.  Your store is gonna be a creator when I’m through with you.”  Rebecca said as she angrily stormed out.

“Well so much for my business.  It was fun while it lasted.”  Jeff slumped as he finally accepted his fate.

“Um excuse me.  But would it help at all if I bought a Relax Max?”

“Well it won’t save the store.  But it would certainly help me get back on my feet after this.  Who knows.  Maybe my next business venture won’t be that bad.  Thank you again.”

“You’re very welcome.  If it makes you feel better.  I had a great time with it.  I’ve love to have that feeling all the time.  Maybe my friends will buy one too.”  Vicky smiled.

“I guess I can see the good in that sure.”  Jeff smiled while looking back at his store.                                
The Relax Max 5000
So this is a story I did for :iconfairy-fetish-studio:'s contest featuring their characters VickyVicky  OUTFIT+PERSONALITY by Fairy-Fetish-Studio  and RebeccaRebecca OUTFIT+PERSONALITY by Fairy-Fetish-Studio.  I got the idea after using a similar chair at a Brookstone several times.  Not sure if I'll win but hey, you never know.  Please enjoy and comment.     

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